Canada day t-shirts made in Canada

Made in Canada clothing for the whole family

With Canada quickly approaching, it’s time to get on our red and white and show our HOME pride! We are proud to offer a Made in Canada apparel for the whole family. All of the clothing is vertically made (woven, dyed, cut, sewed and hand printed) in Canada, making it a truly Canadian product.

Canadian Made SORRY t-shirt

Sorry! We might be polite, but we won’t be pushed around!

Canada Icon t-shirt

Show off Canada’s proud icons with our HOME Icon t-shirt

This Land was Made for You and Me

This Land was Made for You and Me

We were proud to showcase our products on CTV Atlantic Live, where we got to talk about the importance of Made in Canada for Canada Day!

My Home Apparel on CTV LIVE

My Home Apparel on CTV Atlantic Live to chat about Made in Canada!

As you get ready to celebrate this amazing place we call HOME, look where your red t-shirts are coming from and try to support Made in Canada!

Happy Canada Day, everyone!


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